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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Learn memory techniques for real world study and everyday use.

My new 'Master Your Memory' courses are now open, with details available here.

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Why this bird is here I am not sure, because it likely already has a great memory.

I’ll be honest, I have a problem. Since completing my TEDx talk on how I learnt to exercise my memory, there has been overwhelming requests for personal coaching. I knew that memory training was a topic that people would be interested in – and wow, this turned out to be true on a massive level. After 5 days my TEDx already had over 50,000 views, with one of the highest daily view rates of any TEDx at that time, anywhere in the world!

Why such interest? I think it is because a better memory is something that everyone wants, and my story shows they can get it.

Some people want to improve their memory for a very specific purpose, such as learning computer coding or a new language. Others tell me that they can’t remember the new words they just looked up or the names of the characters in the books they have read. Many want their children or themselves to have a study advantage, while others have children that struggle at school. Mature students worry about starting to study again. And others tell me they lack confidence in their ability to remember new information at work, or that they compensate for an average memory with overwork. This affects their life, learning and business.

The memory techniques I have learned, refined and practiced can help all of them.

Improving your memory can have a massive impact on your life in every area, and thankfully it is available to all of us. You are not stuck with the memory you have now, because remembering well is a skill that you can practice and learn. And it is achievable - I have helped many to learn how to exercise their memory and improve their life outcomes.

People often ask me what they can do to improve their memory. Three lifestyle areas proven to have an impact on memory are to eat well, sleep enough and exercise. Check out my blog on Exercise and Memory here, and I will be adding blogs on diet and sleep in the new year.

But the number one area that makes the biggest improvement to memory is to learn and practice memory techniques.

There is lots of good information on memory techniques available on the web, and much of it is free. However when I started I found that it is easy to get lost in what is useful and what is a gimmick. It takes time to winnow out the chaff and compile it all in a useful order.

If you are surfing the web for techniques a good rule of thumb is to stick to sites that are written by active memory athletes. These individuals actually work on improving their memory every day. They have learned and practiced the techniques because they enjoy the challenge and the results, and it makes a massive difference in their lives. And yes, a lot of us struggled at school but are serial and fast learners now .

A major problem I found when I first started learning these techniques was knowing what to do, how to practice, and if I was doing it right. I did several hundred hours of research and practice before finding out what worked and what didn’t. I would have loved to find a course that took me step by step from having an average memory to an excellent one.

Motivation is also a bit of an issue. When you have to find and sort through all the available resources and then go through them in a logical order it is easy to lose your mojo. It is far better to have a pre-made program handed to you on a silver platter.

So that’s what I have been doing recently.

Creating the online, self-paced course I wanted when I started.

It is now open and is called “Master Your Memory”. The course name may not sparkle with originality, but hey it tells us what the aim is. This new course covers topics that would take at least 10 hours to cover during personal coaching, but at a fraction of that cost. It is a self-paced video course, with homework, quizzes, reading and more. There are over 4 hours of video instruction, with 4 modules - Basic, Intermediate, Applications, Names and Faces.

If you are interested in improving your memory for study, learning and life, its well worth a look.



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