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As a 2 x Australian Memory Champion I am a public speaker, memory expert and memory coach.  I was the first female to win this title in Australia, and after only 5 months of self-training.


Australian memory records achieved include most binary digits remembered in 5 minutes (360), the most numbers remembered in 15 minutes (304) and the most consecutive spoken digits without an error (86).


I speak at events and train athletes, dancers and everyday individuals in memory techniques.


I am also a physical athlete and worked previously as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer, living and performing around the world.


True fitness is both physical and mental and to get the most out of life I aim for both.


The average body and mind can be trained to perform remarkable feats without any exceptional abilities, just the desire to achieve coupled with focused effort.

TEDx 2019, Melbourne.  I describe my memory journey and how we can all be empowered. Don't miss the bonus memory demonstration with dance.

The House of Wellness, Channel 7 Australia, April 2019: Health show discussing memory matters. Interview, starts at 2 Mins 30 Seconds.


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